GCC LogoWelcome! Wachiya! Brought to you by the Grand Council of the Crees, we are an interactive website dedicated to providing information about uranium development, primarily in the context of underground mining.

Our goal is to encourage community members across Eeyou Istchee to take part in a dialogue about the issues associated with uranium mining, and to participate in informed decision-making about resource development on our land: those which we are willing to accept and those which we refuse.

We anticipate that once all Quebecers learn the facts about uranium, the risks it poses, and questions that cannot be adequately answered, they will join with the James Bay Cree in our opposition to uranium mining.

The Cree Nation’s position

Matthew Coon ComeWe, the Cree Nation, have serious concerns regarding the prospect of uranium exploration and mining in our territory. Uranium exploration, mining, milling, refining and transport, and uranium mining wastes, create unique and grave risks for human health and the environment, both today and for thousands of generations to come. It is our responsibility to protect Eeyou Istchee for future generations of Cree people who will continue to live off the land, hunting, fishing and trapping, in perpetuity.